Liquid eggs

As SADCO approaches its fourth decade of providing quality products to health conscious consumers, we often look back at a proud heritage that began in 1973 and has made SADCO the
. largest egg producer in the Gulf
SADCO’s primary focus is on its core business; Table Eggs, diversity gives it added strength. SADCO adds diversification through sale of Day Old Chicks, Finished Feed, Vaccines, Processed
. Manure, Live and Dressed Broiler Chicken and Egg Trays SADCO Onwards
With experienced leadership and intuitive marketing foresight, SADCO Group is poised to lead the industry far into the future. Our team members know that as consumers demand for more
. healthful and innovative food products, it remains our mandate to provide all a family deserves Our Table Eggs Process
We are the nation’s leader in Table Eggs production and we are an innovator in designing the
. production process
We use vertical integration to control product quality from the day old chicken to the finished table eggs in the supermarket. Vertical integration allows us to oversee every aspect of
. production

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