Saudi Poultry Company
On Saudi Poultry Co.s breeder farms, standards are a bit stricter to prevent disease from contaminating the valuable breeder stock.   Special rules and precautions apply to visitors who might have been to other farms and may carry disease from other flocks.
Main Products
  • Layer Breeder Day Old Chicks
  • Broiler Breeder Day Old Chicks
  • Hatching Eggs
SADCO layers birds begin as eggs that came from SPCs breeder farms. The eggs are first put into incubators, or setters, to start the growing process.   Trays of eggs are kept at a constant temperature of 99.5F and the humidity is controlled at a level of 86 percent. The incubator tilts the trays back and forth at regular intervals.

The parent stock of our birds comes from grand parent stock produced over many generations   from suppliers such as Shaver, ISA Brown and Hubbard.

Company contacts
P.O. Box 4840, Riyadh 11412, Saudi Arabia
Tel: (+966)-1-4914420
Fax: (+966)-1-4961280
Toll Free: (+966)-1-800-124-4442