Serving the Food industry With high Quality egg products.  
Main Products
  • Fresh Whole Eggs   (30 KG)                                                        
  • Fresh Whole Eggs   (5 KG)
  • Frozen Whole Eggs (5 KG)
  • Fresh Egg Yolk       (30 KG)
  • Frozen Egg Yolk     (5 KG)
  • Frozen Egg White    (5 KG)
EGG PRODUCT ADVANTAGES                                                                          
  • No Pathogens
  • A minimum of waste
  • Easy & accurate dosage
  • Minimum space for storage
  • Lower manpower required for handling
  • Different egg blends which require little or no preparation
  • Eases the handling
FRESH EGGS PRODUCTS                                                               
Foodservice and the commercial food industry                             

Plastic cans of 5 kg. 30 kg.             
Pasteurized, quick and easy to use 14 days shelf-life a 0-4 Degree Centigrade
Storage & Handling                     
Use within four days once opened                                                                                                                                                                     

  1. Quality - With a modern lab on-site, Sleco's Quality Assurance Team conducts continuous testing and monitors all aspects of the manufacturing, warehousing and transportation functions, ensuring the highest quality products.
  2. Service - As a national company, Sleco prides itself on its ability to provide reliable service unmatched in the industry. Customers both large and small, from bakery to GCC export markets, are valued and appreciated.
  3. Flexibility - Sleco recognizes that each customer has it own unique needs and Sleco's ability and willingness to adapt to those needs clearly visible throughout all areas of its operations, customer service, sales and transportation departments.
  4. Price - Sleco's ability to offer its high quality products, with reliable service at competitive price levels, has enabled its customers to realize and receive a superior value.

Company contactss
Head Office:
Riyadh Eastern Ring Road, Exit 15
Near Aljomaih Petrol Station (AC Delco)
P.O. Box 5147 Riyadh 11422, KSA

Contact us:
P.O. Box 4840, Riyadh 11412, Saudi Arabia
Tel: (+966)-1-4914420
Fax: (+966)-1-4961280
Toll Free: (+966)-1-800-124-4442