Saudi Agricultural Development Co.
Building On Our Heritage
As SADCO approaches its fourth decade of providing quality eggs “SADCO Group” to health conscious consumers, we often look back at a proud heritage that began in 1974 and has made SADCO the largest egg producer in the Gulf region.

  While SADCO’s primary focus is on its core business, table eggs, diversity gives it added strength. SADCO adds diversification through sale of Day Old Chicks, Finished Feed, Vaccines, Processed Manure, Live and Dressed Broiler Chicken and Egg Trays.

Main Products
  1. Table Eggs available in following sizes & packings:
  2. Sizes Packings - with full nutritional facts
    • Jumbo
    • Extra Large
    • Large 1
    • Large 2
    • Medium
    • Small
    • Pee Wee
    • Trays of 30 Eggs
    • Pack of 6 Eggs
    • Pack of 9 Eggs
    • Pack of 12 Eggs

  3. Dressed Chicken available in sizes ranging from 350 grams to 1650 grams.
  4. Poultry Vaccines
  5. Ready made Poultry feed for:

    • Commercial Layers
    • Broilers
    • Layer & Broiler Breeders
Our Table Eggs Process
We are the nation’s leader in Table Eggs production and we are an innovator in designing the production process.

We use vertical integration to control product quality from the day old chicken to the finished table eggs in the supermarket. Vertical integration allows us to oversee every aspect of production.
  The Day Old Chicks produced by Saudi Poultry Company are transferred by trucks to SADCO’s Rearing sites where they are ready to begin their lives. After eighteen weeks of rearing, the birds are shifted to Laying sites where the egg production begins.

Our Feed Mill Processes
All animals need good food to grow and SADCO chickens are no exception. At SADCO, we produce our own poultry feed starting with high-quality raw ingredients. And, it all goes to feed the chickens that will grow to become part of a quality SADCO product.

The raw grain is combined with vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients to get the proper balance of nutrition. No steroids or growth hormones are added to SADCO’s feed.
  All feed ingredients are tested at SADCO Quality Assurance Laboratory to ensure their safety, quality and nutritional value.
Poultry Services Branch (PSB)
SADCO has the exclusive agency for a large company, Intervet International of Holland. SADCO is actively involved through Poultry Services Branch in selling vaccines, medicines, day old chicks, hatching eggs, manure, feed and egg trays.   Technical staff of PSB also provides consultation and technical services to poultry farmers throughout the Kingdom and to some GCC countries.
Company contacts
P.O. Box 5147, Riyadh 11422, Saudi Arabia
Tel: (+966)-1-4914420
Fax: (+966)-1-4961280
Toll Free: (+966)-1-800-124-4442