GULFCOMPOST Factory for Organiz Fertilizers, is the largest Factory in the Gulf Region for production of poultry manure. The use of organic fertilizers is basic, not only for production, but for conservation of environment.   GULFCOMPOST is a natural organic fertilizer that when mixed with soil provides nutrition, Imporovement of soil texture and increase of organic matter.
is considered as an organic compound, produced from treatment of natural poultry manure, using a modern technical method aimed at sterilizing it from contamination with any fungus, insects, weed seeds, and harmful bacteria.   The final product is odorless, with neutral pH, and ready for use on the soil for all kinds of plantation. Since  from animal origin, the transformation of manure organic matter has a high biological value, similar to chemical fertilizer of the type 4-4-4

the organic constitution categorizes it among the nutritional elements of the soil, and its high content of inorganic and miniral elements gives it high ability for fertilizing.    

Company contacts
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Toll Free: (+966)-1-800-124-4442